Thursday, 17 October 2013

Thailand Circus Training, Lazy Yoga and Noodle Soup

After an exhausting but exciting year of producing and touring new circus shows a quick trip was very much needed to my favourite Thai island Kho Yao Noi, to train and rest before production starts in the UK for our new Christmas Cirque Shows.

Kho Yao Noi

I have had a love affair with Thailand for many years, and this is one of my favourite Winter circus training locations. It is one of the last remaining Thai islands to retain its culture and character, and not succumb to mass tourism.

It has managed to avoid the large package tours and hedonistic, scantily clad, drunken gap year students. It is not strewn with neon signs, late-night bars and dodgy massage parlours.

In short, a piece of heaven!

Satya lapham making som TomAnn, Moh and Dedee at Thanakha Spa

As the temperature drops in the UK, I can normally be found here swinging from silks on a deserted beach, dangling off a rope from a cliff, or crawling out of the KYN Muay Thai Gym on my hands and knees with a face the colour of a beetroot.

KYN Muay Thai Gym

For me, it’s yoga at sunrise, afternoon monsoon swimming, and evening aerial training sessions. This is followed by fabulous noodle soup and fresh homemade Som Tom. The day is finished off with a visit to my friends at Thanakha spa to keep this acrobat’s body well maintained.

Satya lapham yoga thailandIncandescence yoga

Thai massage (or as I like to put it ‘Yoga for lazy people’) is an amazing form of massage where you are stretched, manhandled, folded and kneaded like dough into different shapes. It is an invigorating experience, and one not to be missed on a trip to Thailand.

Sunset at KYN Muay Thai Gym

My 10-day trip is drawing to an end and it’s time to figure out how the mountain of stuff in the corner of my room ever fitted into by bag. Finally, a last round of goodbyes before heading off to the pier.

Satya Kho Yao Noi

Big thanks to Moh who has knitted me a beautiful woollen hat and scarf, so I won’t be too cold when I arrive back at Heathrow in flip flops! Thank you Kho Yao Noi, and to all my wonderful friends who live on this magical island. See you next year love Satya xx

If you’re interested in an active holiday, I’d highly recommend checking out KYN Muay Thai Gym.  If you’d like to hear the latest from the Incandescence team, please sign up to our newsletter here.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Incandescence Christmas Circus Shows

Incandescence Production team are excited to be returning to the Midlands, where we’ll be supplying the circus entertainment for this year’s Vivid Experience Christmas Parties.

Our team will be producing three new circus shows for these corporate events.

Hand balancing Circus act

To take a look at last year’s fantastic Christmas Circus Productions please click here. Our creative team is busy working on new music, costumes and choreography for this year’s spectacular Christmas shows.

African circus showAfrican Acrobats26

At the Athena Theatre in Leicester  we’ll be performing Zulu Sun Dance, a exotic high-energy African themed Cirque show. Four amazing artists will be flying in from Tanzania to join the cast of this exciting new circus production.

Christmas Circus Production

At the Derby Roundhouse we’ll be producing a Festive circus show with spectacular costumes, world-class circus performance, and beautiful choreography. This will be staged in this stunning and iconic building.

Incandescence Circus Show

Incandescence is excited to announce this year’s new Christmas party venue is the Birmingham NEC, where we’ll be staging a new Incandescence Circus Show that will feature a dramatic swinging cradle act.

To find out more, please click here  to see Gemma and Darryl performing cradle on the Bat Man Live Tour.

Incandescence- Human StatuesIncandescence Stilt walkers

To book tables at any of the Vivid Experience Christmas Parties, please click here.

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Thanks Satya x

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Incandescence Circus Tour to the Singapore Grand Prix

 Incandescence Circus Company were fortunate to take part in this year’s Singapore Grand Prix and what an exciting time to stay in the heart of the city and have the opportunity to perform alongside a host of world-class artists - including Tom Jones, The Killers and Rihanna.

Incandescence performed three spectacular circus shows  during the Grand Prix event.

Singapore Grand Prix

It was an amazing time to visit Singapore when they host the only Night City Circuit on the F1 tour. The whole city buzzes with excitement as the city centre becomes a Formula One racing track. It’s hot, exhilarating, and very noisy!

We stayed at the Swiss Stamford Hotel,  which has an incredible view over the night racing track. The whole hotel comes to life as people pack onto the balconies to watch the race.

Incandescence Circus shows

The Incandescence team delivered evening performances of Night Circus, ( Masquerade  and Fire in the Sky  in the beautiful Tri-span tent located in the VIP area. We had a surprise visit from the Royal Family of Brunei, too, which came to meet the company and watch our Sunday night circus show.

Please visit our FaceBook page to view our Grand Prix adventures in stunning images, and see the work delivered by our circus theatre company.

Formula one racing in Singapore

I can now name more than three F1 drivers, have neck ache, and am slightly deaf. However, I do feel inspired to finish my driving licence and purchase a car. Maybe not an F1 motor for this Cornish acrobat, though!

Incandescence cirque MasqueradeNight CircusFire in the sky - circus show

A big thank you to the Singapore F1 for inviting us to take part in such a spectacular event, and thanks as always to the Incandescence artists for all their hard work over this fun, action-packed and memorable week.

Many thanks Satya x

Cirque Masquerade

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