Friday, 31 January 2014

Closing Ceremony Entertainment

The Incandescence team have just landed back in the UK, following a flying visit to Qatar where we produced a unique aerial crane show in collaboration with New Substance.


This was part of the closing ceremony entertainment for the Doha International Youth Film Festival.

The Closing Ceremony Entertainment for this event was produced by Unspun  the Company behind the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics - so it was a real pleasure to meet and work alongside this team.

photo 3

We had an exciting week spent in Doha on the lead up to the performance where the Incandescence team worked closely with 14 local volunteers.

These volunteers were given a crash course in aerial harness work and then suspended 50 metres off a giant human net hung from a crane.


This structure was then flown over the stadium, where we performed an aerial synchronized routine in special LED costumes. This was accompanied by pyrotechnics, but most excitingly a motorized para-glider flown by an ex-Hungarian fighter pilot flew over the top of us, releasing 1,000 LED glowing paper helicopters. This created an amazing finale to a spectacular show.


It was an amazing experience to have the opportunity to work with these local people, from such diverse backgrounds from teachers, students, nurses, mums and marketing directors. This also meant it wasn’t the usual aerial collaboration on a giant 100-tonne crane!


It was a pleasure to work with these locals teaching, choreographing, and finally performing with them as part of the closing ceremony entertainment. I’m really proud of what everyone achieved, and the awesome team effort by everyone involved.


A big thank you to everyone involved in making this project very special: it’s one I am sure everyone involved will remember, as there are not many people who get to have a birds-eye-view of the spectacular Doha skyline from a giant crane - especially nurses and primary school teachers!

Well done and massive respect too you all.

Satya x

To view the behind-the-scenes photos of the whole process, please visit our Facebook page to look at other site specific projects, or opening and closing ceremony entertainment please visit our website.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sea Queen Spectacular – An amazing water-themed circus show

One of my favourite creations from the Incandescence Circus touring production team is the Sea Queen Spectacular - a fantastic world-class water themed family circus show.


This cirque style nautical production is ideal for maritime events, water parks, theme parks, festivals and corporate events.

The cirque show combines giant puppetry, stilt walkers, dancers, acrobats and aerialists, creating a breath taking circus spectacle.

Water themed Cirque show

The performance has the option of beginning with a magical water-themed parade, which can weave through the venue or site interacting with the audience as it makes its way up onto the stage where the main show begins.

Water themed Circus show

This circus show is set to an upbeat, dynamic and varied musical score. The water-themed show opens with a breath taking flying straps performance by an artist in a stunning mermaid costume.

Water themed circus showwater circus show

The artist flies off a central winch system, gracefully connecting the ground with the air with stunning flying lifts, dramatic drops, and beautiful aerial choreography.

Water themed circus show

The scene starts to build as the Giant Sea Queen puppet majestically weaves her way onto the stage, accompanied by a host of water-themed characters that include dancers, acrobats, and stilt walkers costumed as mermen and mermaids.

Water themed circus showWater  circus show

Alternatively, it can be staged outdoors as a site specific production.   This type of water-themed show is ideal for locations such as Mariners, Harbours, Water parks, festivals and opening/closing ceremony entertainment.

Water  circus showwater themed entertainment

Here we use a crane rather than an aerial rig to raise the spectacular Sea Queen 30 metres in the air, creating a visual spectacular with aerialists suspended from it.

water circus show

It’s also possible to fly the structure safely over the audience - giving them a dramatic and more intimate view of the circus show.

Water  circus showwater themed entertainment

In a harbour, river, or marina location there’s the option of combining the sea into the show creating a unique and magical element to the overall production.

water themed entertainment

For more information on this circus show, or to watch a promotional video please visit our website.

For more information, or to discuss how we could adapt or tailor the Sea Queen show to your event or site location, please get in contact here

Thanks Satya x

Friday, 17 January 2014

Alice in Wonderland Themed Entertainment- Produced for the York Minster’s Rose Gala Diner

Here at Incandescence,  we love creating imaginative and unique themed entertainment   for corporate events.

Alice in wonderland entertainment

One of our favourite corporate events that we designed bespoke corporate themed entertainment  for was the Rose Gala Dinner,  which was held in the famous York Minster Cathedral

Alice in wonderland show

The client’s Brief:

To provide entertainment for 900 invited guests in the nave of York Minster Cathedral for the Diamond Jubilee Rose Dinner Celebrations.

They wanted something unique truly memorable, and that would set this event apart from being just another corporate event with a bit of formulaic run-of-the-mill evening entertainment.

Alice in wonderland corporate event

What we did:

Working closely with the York Minster team, we took their event name the Rose Gala dinner and decided to re-create the Rose garden from Alice in Wonderland: this would give a fantastic theme to tie the whole event and evening’s entertainment together.

Alice in wonderland show080612_York_SDixey_149

The other exciting and also challenging aspect to the event was the location - being one of England’s most iconic and beautiful buildings, but also Grade 1 listed!

This gave the project a site specific element to both producing and staging the Alice in Wonderland themed entertainment.

 Alice in wonderland themed entertainment

Given the Grade 1 status of the building, It was important to let the building dictate to some extent where and what the performance should be.

After doing site visits, the Incandescence Team had a good feel for the building, and were starting to see how to use this amazing space to complement and enhance the evening’s entertainment.

Alice in Wonderland themed showAlice in Wonderland themed show

Creating a symbiotic relationship between the awe-inspiring architecture of the York Minster Cathedral and the fabulous Alice in Wonderland themed event we were planning on staging was the creative challenge.

The Event:

On arrival, the guests were transported into the magical world of Alice. A whole host of fantastical Alice in Wonderland characters greeted the guests in the Queen of Hearts Rose Garden.

Alice in wonderland entertainmentAlice in Wonderland themed entertainment

The famous Mad Hatters Tea party and Croquet Scene where produced as interactive entertainment, and were brought to life using acrobats, actors, dancers and stilt walkers.

Alice in Wonderland themed show

This was accompanied by a ‘playing card band’ that set the scene with fabulous live music.

The Queen of Hearts played master of ceremonies for the night, as she and Alice wove the whole evening together giving it a seamless dreamlike quality.

Alice in Wonderland themed entertainmentAlice in Wonderland themed entertainment

The main dining area was turfed with a real green grass lawn. Guests were seated at tables with fabulous rose centrepieces, accompanied by bottles with ‘drink me’ labels.

During dinner they were treated to a site specific Alice in wonderland themed show that happened above and all around them.

Alice in Wonderland themed showAlice in Wonderland themed show

Aerialists spun and weaved their magic in front of the stained glass windows, dangling from the vaulted ceilings, performing on raised platforms and truly immersing the guests into the magical world of Alice and the amazing space that is the York Minster Cathedral.

Alice in Wonderland themed entertainmentAlice in Wonderland themed show

What the client said:

Karen Powell, York Minster Cathedral:  “What a wonderful evening you created for us. We have had countless emails and letters from guests who were thrilled and totally amazed by the Alice in Wonderland experience that you created.”

Corporate entertainmentAlice in Wonderland themed entertainmentCorporate entertainment

For more information on our corporate themed entertainment or  bespoke corporate circus shows please visit our website.

Alice in wonderland entertainment 

Alternatively please get in touch here as we’d love to design a bespoke or themed corporate entertainment package for your next event in 2014.

Alice in wonderland entertainment

Thanks Satya x

Friday, 3 January 2014

Zulu Sundance - An African themed Circus Show

This is a fantastic new African circus production that we have produced for Vivid Experience Christmas parties at Athena theatre.

African circus show

The Athena theatre in Leicester hosted this magical African themed circus show over the Christmas period.

African circus showAfrican circus showAfrican circus show

As the temperature dropped and winter had set in, Athena theatre invited guests to escape to the exotic plains of Africa.

African circus show

Four of our talented acrobats flew in from Tanzania to join our fantastic team of multi-skilled circus artists to create this breath-taking and magical cirque show.

The guests were then treated to three magical shows between a delicious three-course dinner.

African circus showAfrican circus showAfrican circus show

The circus dance shows transported the guests to the warmth and beauty of the African continent, with emotive and powerful music.

African circus show

Guests were treated to infectious dance, dramatic and powerful fire performance, breath-taking aerial acts, and dynamic world-class acrobatics.

African circus showAfrican circus show

These were performed in front of a stunning stage set with amazing lighting provided by Hawthorns lighting designers. A big thank you to everyone involved in creating and producing this fantastic bespoke African circus production.

African circus show

For more information on our new shows that we have recently produced, or to receive new promotional material from Incandescence Circus Theatre Company in the New Year, please get in contact here

To view all of the photographs from this new African circus show taken by the amazing Dave Perry Photography please visit our Facebook page.

Thanks Satya x